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Our client feedback.
Building and protecting your own My Fortress starts here.

Kylie & Chris Gowell

We have been with My Fortress Townsville for over 10 years and our only regret is that we didn’t make an appointment a few years earlier. We attended their seminars and tried to work out where we were in the big scheme of things. The first appointment was extremely informative, and we took the information away and digested it in pieces. We never felt under pressure to accept the advice, on the contrary, we were encouraged to do research and ask questions (which we did, in abundance!) and each was answered promptly, professionally, and most importantly was relevant and in layman’s language.


Over the last 10 years we have received letters from our Super funds we didn’t understand so promptly sent it through to My Fortress Townsville for deciphering and advice. These were reviewed and direction provided in relation to our circumstances. Not long after my Super fund changed their rules and legislation, I found I had a medical issue that was going to have me on extended sick leave without pay. I sent an email through to our advisor to find out how this was going to affect our plan. I received a reply the next day outlining the income protection within my Super, what the processes were, what the definitions were and what they meant for me, and what benefits were available in the longer term. That was the most beneficial email I have ever sent, because with the changes in super over the years, I had forgotten income protection was even in there!


With the dedication, advice, and tools provided on behalf of My Fortress Townsville, combined with commitment and financial discipline on our behalf, we have been reaching our goals and are confident we are in the best position for us to keep doing so into our future.


We never realised how much thought and planning really needs to go into ensuring your financial future and that of your children is secure. You work, you save; right? The way we figure it now – if you want your car safe to protect your family, you take it to a professional in the mechanical field; if you want your house wired so your assets and family are safe – you engage a professional in the electrical field; if you want your health and that of your children in top condition – you consult professionals in the medical field. So then, we wanted our financial future and those of our children secure – so we consulted the expert’s in that field; and have never regretted it.

Barrie & Michelle Emanuel

It is with unquestionable satisfaction that we provide this testimonial after being a client of My Fortress Townsville for the past 10 years. Our financial planning journey took a turn for the worst during the GFC where we suffered a very poor experience with Storm Financial. This negative experience has paled into insignificance over the past 10 years where we have been provided very supportive, honest and transparent service from all staff we have meet at My Fortress Townsville. In particular, over the past three years we have conducted an extensive review of our portfolio and through the high level of personal care, knowledge and expertise of our advisor Justin Rawlins, we have been very fortunate to have been provided advice on the many options available to us to be able to adapt our financial planning structure around our changing personal situations. This has held us in extremely good stead regarding our current personal situation, but more importantly has put us in a strong and confident position to achieve both our short and long terms goals with a balanced portfolio of investment and insurance options. Based on our own positive experiences we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending to any prospective clients the many quality services that are provided by My Fortress Townsville and in doing so pay tribute to one of the most important attributes of any business, and that is providing personal care to their clients.

Julie & Michael Mee

Our story began after I discharged from the Regular Army after 24 years’ service. We were unsure what we were doing financially to maximise my pay. It was during an accountant’s appointment (with Austax) that we learnt that we really needed some well researched financial advice. The accountant recommended My Fortress Townsville.


As our children became older Julie was able to work more so our thoughts of financial advice were consolidated. We arranged to attend an investment seminar at My Fortress Townsville. That was the start of our financial education process. Our first individual appointment with Luke really provided us with financial options to improve our lifestyle. Of importance was that it wasn’t all about retirement. We had to do a lot of living before retirement, but we wanted to ensure that we would be comfortable in retirement.


Now that we are in our first year of retirement, we can reflect on the journey we have had with Luke’s advice and guidance. We have enjoyed a great lifestyle which has included paying off our mortgage very early, plenty of travel, supporting the kid’s education and renovating the house, amongst other things.


The process wasn’t a ‘set and forget’ plan. The GFC was very worrying for all, us included. I can clearly remember Luke’s constant phone calls and appointments to guide us through those uncertain times. The recommended strategies, and reassurance, worked for us. It is during tough times when you rely on expert advice. Luke was there for us during the GFC.


My Fortress Townsville on going education programs have kept us informed in an ever changing financial environment. The communication flow has been constant and the opportunity to attend seminars from visiting experts has been informative and interesting. We are looking forward to our detailed annual reviews. Those reviews not only provide information, but they provide reassurance.


Now in retirement we are realising the benefits of being a My Fortress Townsville client. We are financially secure and can now ‘cash in’ on the advice Luke has provided during our years of regular contact. That initial contact with My Fortress Townsville changed our financial opportunities for life. We enjoyed the financial freedom leading into retirement and we are now enjoying retirement.


The communication flow doesn’t stop there. We still look forward to our annual reviews.


We also acknowledge Luke’s hard-working team who have significantly helped us.


Our sincere thanks to Luke and the My Fortress Townsville team.


We strongly recommend My Fortress Townsville services.

Russell & Karen Hocking

Professional Ethics at all levels from first meeting. Our journey with My Fortress Townsville has given us a clear financial directive for our future travels. From the moment you arrive the staff etiquette with clients is very pleasing and comfortable. Adam takes the time to listen and understand each person which is very appreciated and his service over the years is very valued and is always of the highest standards. 

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