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The My Fortress app has been developed to support clients on their financial journey with My Fortress. The app provides a client with real-time information all year round, allowing clients more clarity on their financial situation with access to real-time net worth data, as well as access to all insurance and superannuation details.
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View your real-time net worth in the palm of your hands.

Have peace of mind with the ability to see all of your financial information on the My Fortress Dashboard, including the current value of real property, investments, cash, superannuation, liabilities and insurances.

Generate reports for third parties on the go.

Whether you need a quick summary report of your finances or an in-depth net worth report, the My Fortress app lets you generate both with a click of a button.

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Store all your documents in one place.

Have all your important financial documents stored securely on the app so you can access them with ease, such as your Income Tax Return, Statement of Advice, Will and Estate Documents, and Enduring Power of Attorney.

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Update your details easily and view your family tree.

Moved to a new house or changed jobs? No problem, with the My Fortress app you can easily update your details through our Fact Finder feature. You can also add in your family tree and update when necessary.


To get exclusive access to the My Fortress app, start your financial journey by booking a free consultation with one of our financial advisers.

app page-03.png
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