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About Us

For over 34 years My Fortress has been providing expert financial advice to people around Australia and has grown into one of Australia’s leading financial planning businesses. At My Fortress, our experienced team offer professional, tailored advice to suit your individual needs and circumstances, regardless of your financial situation or life stage. Our Financial Advisers work with you to create personalised financial plans that create, grow and protect your wealth.


My Fortress has three locations in Queensland with each practice being locally owned and operated.  

Your financial journey with us. 

We treat our relationship with you as a partnership. We involve you in the planning process from the beginning, so together we can build a long-term financial plan to achieve your lifestyle of choice. Below outlines our step by step process to start your journey with us for a better financial future.


We look forward to working together with you soon!

Initial complimentary appointment

We invite all potential clients to book in a complimentary appointment with us to discuss the basics of financial planning and how we can help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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Getting your goals in place

Our follow up meeting focuses on identifying what is important to you and what you would like to achieve. We understand that everyone’s goals are different so it’s important to personalise those goals and the timeframes to achieve them.

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Mapping out your personalised financial plan

In this appointment we discuss with you what strategies we believe are appropriate for you to incorporate into your financial plan to help achieve your goals and objectives. It’s important you understand the strategy and we encourage you to ask questions.

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Statement of Advice 

Here we take you through in detail the proposed direction and recommendations for your financial journey. Once you have understood and agreed to your financial plan, we can start implementing those recommendations.

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Final onboarding to become a My Fortress client

Here we confirm all advice that has been implemented and review your new position as a My Fortress client. We then set you up with all your exclusive benefits, including the My Fortress App.

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Annual Progress Update

Each year we will invite you back to meet with us, where we will assess your situation to ensure that you stay on track! But remember, your adviser is available throughout the year to answer any queries or concerns.

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