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My Fortress, paving the way for future financial planners and accountants in Townsville.

Formerly known as Dalle Cort Financial Services, My Fortress have generously agreed to a three-year scholarship commitment to James Cook University, which provides scholarships to Townsville’s next generation of financial planning and accounting students.

Andi Gelling 21 who lives in Townsville was awarded the My Fortress financial planning scholarship, along with Alex Wellman 26 from Townsville who received an accounting scholarship from Austax Business, and were both delighted with the news. “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity My Fortress has given me and I’m very excited about the future” commented Andi Gelling.

As part of the scholarship they were given a $4,000 cash reward and four weeks paid work experience at the Fit for Life Financial Services Centre in Hermit Park. Alex Wellman, acknowledged how vital it currently is to gain work experience as well as furthering his education. “In this current economic climate, it is becoming clear that getting a degree won’t necessarily get you a job straight after university. Employers are also looking for people who have obtained work experience, so I’m extremely fortunate Austax Business has provided me with a four week paid internship”.

Continuing education and industry development is the backbone My Fortress’s brand values, with their dedicated graduate program being established back in October 2018. Along with offering scholarships, My Fortress also provide opportunities for undergraduates to work part time whilst studying with a position after completing their studies.


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